Review of The New Aura Smoothing Treatment

Review of The New Aura Smoothing Treatment

In this blog, I am going to write a review of The New Aura Smoothing Treatment. Aura is the new kid on the block when it comes to smoothing hair follicles to defrizz, tame, reduce styling time, straighten, strengthen and hydrate the hair.

AURA is the first biotechnological hair treatment formulated with organic ingredients that smoothes and softens the hair fiber and eliminates frizz. 

It does this by, enhancing natural shine whilst achieving optimal hair health and beauty.

100% Vegan and kind to the planet , it certainly fits The Avenue’s Sustainable Salon ethos.  Dermatologically tested, it doesn’t cause any itching or soreness. The fermentation process is safe and environmentally respectful. Also, 100% free of raw material derived from animals and organic solvents.

Aura is dedicated to those that are looking to achieve shiny, silky and soft hair to give more manageability between salon visits. With a significant reduction in styling time, this service meets the needs of the busy and hectic women. Who may need a little help in the morning to be world ready!




When rolling out a new product or service, we like to immerse ourselves in it and experience first hand on our hair so we can pass on 100% honest and real feedback. We even tried this one on a few of our clients so we could get a range of hair types as research.

I’m here to share that feedback with you and the real benefits I’ve noticed on my own hair. But first, let me tell you the benefits our clients have seen;

” I have washed my hair 15 times since the first application and I am STILL reaping the benefits, my hair is smooth and silky soft”

“My hair has never been so smooth and not frizzy! I love it!”

“The Aura has controlled my frizz for way longer than stipulated. I love it , I’ll definitely keep it up!”




So on Tuesday, I decided to have the Aura beauty service done straight after my colour. The Aura comes in three separate services to cater for the different needs of the hair:

Excellence.            Express.               Beauty.


Excellence –     A two – three hour appointment which really  focuses on smoothing the hair follicle to ensure longevity for 4- 6months. Perfectly smoothes hair, giving it an extremely natural look and extraordinary texture.

Express – Softens hair, eliminates frizz, controls volume in just one hour.

Beauty – An intense flash of hydration and beauty. Silky, shiny hair. ( Lasts up to 7 washes ) Perfect for adding onto any appointment and can be booked last minute with your stylist.


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Sophie’s in salon review of The New Aura Smoothing Treatment:

My hair is always a frizz bomb once dry and I really struggle controlling all the baby hairs that seem to pop up throughout the day. My hair is naturally wavy so any chance it gets, it tries to revert back to it’s natural state!

I was excited to try the Aura and was genuinely shocked by it’s instant results. Usually, after a power dry of my hair, I would need the straightening irons to smooth out the frizz to create a controlled look!  And if there’s any moisture in the air, once I’ve left the salon, I’m a frizz bomb ! My hair was so soft and silky and especially smooth. I didn’t need to straighten it, it had a beautiful natural sleek look.

The best results for me, not being a hairstylist myself, was the huge reduction in styling time. After washing my hair at home and following my usual routine of putting it up in a towel turban. I enjoy a beautiful cup of English tea and then proceed to air blast it with my hair dryer. Now , here are the real results; it took me only five minutes to dry my whole hair plus it looked like I had just received a salon blowave! I am no hair stylist, that is why I work the reception, but you could be forgiven for thinking I was one after seeing my results.


Obligatory Selfie for the after photo


Each day , I just take my hair down out of it’s ponytail and after a quick brush through, I’m good to go. No extra straightening needed, no hairspray or other frizz fighting products. I can leave the house looking salon ready. Plus, as I write this , it’s raining and very damp outside. I have the door of the salon open and no frizz in sight.

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback from the Aura Smoothing service.

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