What is bond hair treatment?

What is bond hair treatment?

Anyone having their hair coloured in The Avenue Hair Studio will have a product called BOND added to not only their colour mix but also have a treatment at the basin. So what is bond?


The majority of processes for your hair can end up breaking the bonds in your follicles, so by using this treatment, we restore that bond in them resulting in 98% less breakage! Bond nourishes the hair which helps it to look and feel healthier.

We use bond in all our colour application here ate the salon and we recommend the 'at basin' treatment service too. If you'd like to ensure healthy hair and prevent breakage, add this service into your appointment.

Bond reverses the negative effects the hair ensures through such processes and therefore restores the chemical bond of the follicle.

It doesn't just stop at the salon, we have a take-home bond product which an at-home treatment dream (a fine excuses to have a pamper night) With the take home, you can use it as a hair mask or even as a light hold hair product.

Emily at The Avenue says "Scrunch it into your wet hair for fabulous curls and waves".



My personal fave is to use it as an at home leave in mask. If it’s your first use, I recommend using it on dry hair  coat your hair with the bond and leave it in at least 10 minutes before rinsing, then wash your hair as normal. After your first use , you can use it in wet towel dried hair. You will use less product this way but it will be naturally diluted with the water that is in your hair already. Either use will see a huge improvement in your hair health.

I like to braid my hair after applying the bond, sleep with it in and rinse the next day. The great thing about the bond is it keeps working in your hair, so leaving it in for as long as possible sees best results.

So hopefully that covers everything you need to know about bond and why it’s a must have treatment at The Avenue Hair Studio.

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