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Kérastase Hair Care

Kerastase Products at The Avenue Hair Studio

We love Kerastase products for hair care and styling.

Kérastase invented care for hair back in 1964, and continue to offer innovative products and prescriptive solutions for every haircare need. 

Kérastase believes that health is the basis for beauty and since everyone is unique and every type of hair and scalp has specific needs, they offer personalised, tailor-made in-salon hair treatments and at-home haircare products for every concern. Their iconic products contain rare and highly concentrated ingredients that sink deep into the fibres, healing your hair from the inside out. The result is hair that is resilient, strong, and deeply healthy


When only the best will do!

Kérastase are devoted to caring for your hair, so you can reach beyond your own limits, connect with your natural beauty, shine in the spotlight and dare to be anything you choose.