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Welcome to The Avenue Blog ,

Do you feel you hairdressers speak a different language to you? 

Isn’t bleach, what I clean my home with? What does a 10P do? What are bonds? 

I know you’re asking all these questions because I did too!

I’m Sophie , the Avenue salon receptionist and frankly the PA to the girls! I joined The Avenue Hair Studio in January as a complete novice to the industry and boy did i have a lot to learn! I had no idea about how much work and effort goes into giving you all the hair transformation you’re looking for and how much damage we can be doing to it ourselves, at home. 

So I thought I’d write a blog on everything I’m learning in this industry and hopefully you’ll learn something too. I hope through this blog , we can translate the world of hair into something we all understand and all have better hair for it!

What should I do with my hair?

Stuck with what to do with your hair? You know it needs a revamp but you’re not sure what to book in? Or maybe you’re not sure if you should book in a Colour regrowth, demi, ¼ head foils etc?  This can all be very confusing when you’re not in the industry and you may end up booking something entirely different from what you’d wanted.  Therefore, we created a great[...]Read more

How to hide my roots before my hair appointment?

Have your roots decided to make an appearance overnight? I get it, mine do exactly the same and all of a sudden I’m desperate for an appointment.  If you’re not super organized then you might not have your next appointment booked in and after you’ve called; you find out you can’t get in for another week at least! Or maybe your next appointment isn’t soon enough but there’s no availability[...]Read more

What is a bond hair treatment?

Anyone having their hair coloured in The Avenue Hair Studio will have a product called BOND added to not only their colour mix but also have a treatment at the basin. So what is bond? The majority of processes for your hair can end up breaking the bonds in your follicles, so by using this treatment, we restore that bond in them resulting in 98% less breakage! Bond nourishes the[...]Read more