Red Hair Colours

Auburn Hair


A beautiful marriage of red and brown, auburn hair can be light or dark and is one of the most natural-looking shades in the red family. Confident auburn redheads punctuate their looks with red lipstick and a cat eye, and the result is nothing less than outstanding

Burgundy Hair

If you’re a natural brunette, consider this dramatic and memorable dark red violet shade. It’s perfect for people with complexions that are dark or olive-toned and looks striking with brown or icy blue eyes. Try an all-over wash of burgundy, or burgundy balayage highlights..

Copper Hair


Light the flame! Arguably the most vivid red hair color, copper hair is a sizzling blend of red and gold tones. This is bold and vibrant red hair—perfect if you have light skin and green or brown eyes. Bonus points if you’ve been blessed with freckles—the combination is perfection!

Dark Red Hair



More brown than red, dark red hair color can sport a cast of deep cinnamon, dark cranberry or rich violet. Dark red hair looks even edgier with a dark brown or black shadow root, which gives the overall look loads of depth and drama.