Dealing with Frizz? What can you do to reduce it

Dealing with Frizz? What can you do to reduce it

Frizz is something that seems to strike at any time and whatever your hair texture - fine, thick, straight, curly, coily or wavy - it’s not immune from frizzing up. But what causes frizz and is it possible to tackle and even prevent it? Here we breakdown what you need to know about frizz so you can enjoy smooth, silky hair without those unwanted fly-aways.


Why Does Hair Go Frizzy?

Quite a few things can cause your hair to turn frizzy. If your hair is dry and lacks moisture then it is more prone to frizz. Each strand of hair has cuticles - a little like tiles on a roof - when your hair is moisturized optimally these lie flat and smooth, but when hair is dry these cuticles lift, leaving gaps. On humid days, when there is extra moisture in the air, the hair takes on this moisture through the gaps causing the strands to swell up and turn frizzy.

Heat is another cause of frizz. Washing your hair with too hot water or using heat tools can further strip your hair of moisture increasing your hair’s potential to frizz. Turn down the temperature in your shower and use nourishing hair products and heat protectors when it comes to styling. Brushing wet hair can stretch the strands, disrupt the cuticles, and lead to frizz. If you’re planning to air-dry your hair, simply use your fingers to rake through your hair.


What to use to help reduce Frizz

The key to tackling frizz is to look for an anti-frizz routine that consists of products and lifestyle tweaks (like that silk pillowcase) that will limit frizz.

If frizz is your main concern, then Kerastase Discipline range is you go to, with keratin and elastin to help give you smooth frizz free hair.


However, if you have curly hair and love wearing natural, Kerastase Curl Manifesto is designed to keep your curls defined and smooth while providing light weight moisture and strength.



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