What is Aura? New in hair smoothing technology!

What is Aura? New in hair smoothing technology!

AURA is the first biotechnological hair treatment formulated with organic ingredients that smoothens and softens the hair fiber and eliminates frizz. It enhances natural shine and achieves optimal hair health and beauty.


AURA. Benefits

AURA offers immediate benefits upon application and extraordinary and visible results on the day of treatment: highly texturized, shiny, silky and soft hair.

  • AURA is the key to achieving more manageable hair, faster and easier drying and to spending less time on styling each day. 
  • The results last for 4 to 6 months.
  • AURA is an exclusive and safe* treatment. It doesn’t produce fumes or smells or cause unwanted itching.
  • AURA is dermatologically tested.

* Formaldehyde free. Complies with European Regulation 1223/2009.



Softens hair, eliminates frizz, controls volume in just one hour. Book an appointment! 

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