What is the Qiqi Smoothing System?

What is the Qiqi Smoothing System?

Qiqi uses a proprietary technology that performs like a hybrid between keratin treatments and thermal straightening. Qiqi can be used to transform hair textures, support and complement existing salon services.


Resistant to salt and chlorine, compatible with chemically treated hair, being able to colour hair immediately after treatment and the longevity of Qiqi is the start of a new era in hair smoothing and straightening.


Qiqi has three options to choose from:

Seriously Straight

This is a service that is great for clients who want smooth straight hair.

Reclaim My Time 

For clients looking to smooth their hair and reduce curl while increasing manageability and de-frizzing

This is a service that is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Retain body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction.  

Curls Just Want to Have Fun 

For clients looking to define natural curl and increase manageability while reducing frizz

Curly girls love their texture and want to rock the best version of their curls. Qiqi gives wavy, curly or coils their best life.


QIQI is effective for nearly all hair types including tight curls, loose curls, wavy hair, and damaged hair. It will halve your blow-drying time and change your hair texture from wiry to soft, eliminating frizz along the way.

Their optimal hair treatments will not only transform the style of the hair but will also simultaneously revitalize and rejuvenate hair tresses.


Ask your stylist at your next appointment or book a consultation to see if Qiqi is right for you!


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