How to hide my roots before an appointment?

How to hide my roots before an appointment?

Have your roots decided to make an appearance overnight? I get it, mine do exactly the same and all of a sudden I’m desperate for an appointment. 

If you’re not super organized then you might not have your next appointment booked in and after you’ve called; you find out you can’t get in for another week at least! Or maybe your next appointment isn’t soon enough but there’s no availability to move it forward? 

Obviously, you put your name down on our waitlist and if there’s any cancellations , we’ll get you in asap.

BUT, what do you do in the meantime?


Well, do not fear, i have some great tips from our girls on how to hide your roots until your next appointment; Use dry shampoo on your roots to lighten them , you’ll be amazed at how much better they blend with your colour. Matrix does a gorgeous light dry shampoo without the gritty feeAfter dry shampooing your roots, you can tease them with a fine tooth comb and gather your hair into a cute bun. ( To Tease the hair grab a front section of hair and gently comb it towards the root with a thin toothed comb) This will give your look more volume and help to hide those pesky roots!




Our Senior stylist Emily suggests; “ Using the tail end of a comb, weave through your parting in a zig zag pattern and style the hair accordingly. Therefore you won’t have a root line which makes them more noticeable.” Spray with a little hairspray to help them stay in their new home! This style fixer hairspray is perfect to hold down those new sections. It’s a strong hold spray which locks in your style for hours, adds shine and resists humidity! Perfect!

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